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Foreign rights

Are you interested in the rights for publishing our titles in another language? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information in English, reading copies and English samples.

Here we present you with a selection of books that might be interesting for you to translate.

Charlie, Mika and the teddy bear club

A book about active citizenship for children aged 3-6. Charlie and Mika decide to start their own organisation against bedtime together with their teddy bears.

Charlie and Mika don’t want to go to bed but mum says they have to. This marks the start of an adventure full of protests, negotiations and teddy bears on strike. Inspired by their activist mum they decide to start their own association and they get unexpected help ? from their teddy bears. The big question is: can things that feel unfair be changed?

Charlie, Mika och nalleföreningen Linnéa Sjögren Niklas Hill trinambai sweden barnbok
Julia räddar skogen niklas hill Anna Palmqvist trinambai sweden

Julia saves the forest

A book about environmental activism and civil disobedience for children from three to six years.

One day Julia is out for a walk with her dog and makes a terrible discovery. The forest is to be cut down to make space for a new highway. She thinks that’s a bad idea. Something needs to be done. So she climbs up a tree and refuses to come down. Will she manage to save the forest?

Interfere! A handbook in everyday civil courage

Civil courage can be trained! This hand book contains methods for training and exercising practical civil courage.

Even though our everyday life can be quite different, we all encounter oppression and injustice in different forms. It can be a racist comment on the bus, a sexist joke in the lunch room or master suppression techniques during a group work. In order to be able to interfere we need to train civil courage!

By the means of everyday courage we all can become activist citizens. When we interfere we don’t ask others for change, we make it ourself and together with others.

Ingrip En handbok i vardagligt civilkurage Frida Ekerlun Jens Molander Gustaf Sörnemo trinambai sweden

Precis det komplementet jag saknade bland ledarskapslitteraturen för ideella organisationer. Den här boken gjorde gott i min föreningshjärta. Tack Lisa!

Carina Bellborn Regionombudsman på Vision
Carina Bellborn

En härlig läsupplevelse.

Piteå  Tidningen

Jag har under läsningen ofta lagt boken åt sidan, sträckt mig efter närmsta anteckningsblock och verkligen funderat kring de frågor som ställs, vilket gett mig större självinsikt i rollen som ledare.

Amnesty Press 
Amnesty Press

Det är så lätt att fastna i bilder av hur en ledare ska vara eller hur den tidigare ordföranden var. Den här boken utgår istället från dig. Den utmanar dig att bredda ditt register som ledare. Brinna har hjälpt mig att förstå mig själv och mina drivkrafter i ledarskapet.

Rebecka Prentell Ordförande för LSU ~ Sveriges Ungdomsorganisationer
Rebecka Prentell

Charlie, Mika & nalleföreningen är en rolig bok som visar hur den som vill ändra på regler som upplevs orättvisa kan gå tillväga.

Beatrice Jansson Fria Tidningen
Beatrice Jansson
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