Vision & Values

The guiding principle for Trinambai is Sustainable Development. Sustainable Developments meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. There are three dimensions of sustainability: ecological, social and economical. Trinambai aims on contributing in all three categories.

Ecological sustainability

Aaron Blanco Tejedor Healing Photographer

Our modern society is ecologically unsustainable. Huge efforts will be needed to enable the unavoidable transition. Technological development might contribute to some extent but above all human behaviour and attitudes has the be changed. Trinambai is working on new concepts for experiential learning on sustainable development and participatory government.

A vivid democracy demands a vivid civil society. Trinambai works for empowering NGOs and non-profits by publishing books about capacity building and organising. Through this effort, more people get the means to make their voice heard. All business activities of Trinambai are based on the concept of the equality of all human beings. Trinambai is a feminist company.

Social sustainability


Economical sustainability


Trinambai’s business concept is to contribute to sustainable development by economic means. The company is run in a spirit of social entrepreneurship. This means that profit is not the goal, but a means to reach societal change by innovative and entrepreneurial methods.