English books

This is the selection of books we have published in English. We are open to creating many more, and also to talk about the right to translate our Swedish books into any other languages.


To practise speaking a language, you need good conditions for a conversation. We all feel more like talking in environments where we?re comfortable and feel welcome. And once the communication starts rolling, there?s lots of opportunity for language development. Talkative is a tool for that.

The Membership Model - recruiting, activating and keeping members (english)

This book contains eight steps that will improve your ability to recruit, activate and keep members. The Membership Model is aimed at employees, elected representatives and volunteers who want to create a membership strategy or improve their organising work.

Creative meetings

How do we make a meeting successful? How do we create creative meetings that are more fun and more inclusive for the participants? This book will give you ideas and describes some of the experiences from civil society organisations in Sweden.

We have been cooperating with Trinambai for many years. We love to do new things and with our workshops we generate passion and innovation. Trinambai is on top of things and has its heart with civil society.

Ivar Scotte Executive manager, Malmö Ideella
Ivar Scotte

Niklas contributed to a day of training organized by the Swedish Organisation for Hard of Hearing Young People (UH) for our local departments and workgroups. We are very satisfied with Niklas? contribution during the morning hours when we had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with his knowledge in membership recruitment and membership engagement. Thank you for an interesting course!

Sabina Hedström Organisational Coordinator, The Swedish Organisation for Hard of Hearing Young People (UH)
Sabina Hedström

The mobilisation unit hired Niklas Hill to talk about his doctoral dissertation, to give us historical perspectives on our work and to help us see future solutions in the light of his research.

It was very educational and interesting. Niklas extensive experience and passion for civil society in combination with his approach as a researcher was very rewarding to take part in. I highly recommend him!

Ida Wahlund Organisational developer, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Ida Wahlund

The day started up many creative processes in my head that I usually have no time to develop in my daily work! A lot of time for exchange of knowledge, as well as a positive and engaging atmosphere among the participants and course leaders. The fact that you were so positive and encouraging contributed largely to the success of the course!

Participant in one of Trinambai's courses 
Participant in one of Trinambai's courses

Niklas Hill?s lecture ?How we receive a new member and how we can keep and activate new members? at the SAK seminar in Vaasa, Finland, gave rise to many new thoughts among us listeners and inspired us to a new approach to membership services. I believe that several trade union representatives will be using new methods in the planning of next year?s operations in their respective labour union branch.

Anita Spring Organisational Secretary, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK)
Anita Spring